Help - I can't get messages

I can’t get message a few minutes after I start texting. Is there any solution?

We need more informations about error

‘‘Delivery has failed to these recipients’’ My friend only gets this error when texting with me.

I just tested chat and it worked for me. Maybe your contact has to relogin from Messenger and hopefully that fixes the issue.

Already tried couple of times and didn’t work. Relogin fixed just for a while.

Hmm. I might have another idea.

In the MSN Messenger window, go to Tools > Options, and in the Connection section, open “Advanced Settings” and check “Save a log of my server connections to help troubleshoot connection problems”. Click OK, and then try starting a chat with your contact again. After that’s been said and done, you can disable it back if you want.

If the problem continues to persist, go to the My Received Files folder in your Documents folder, and find the “MsnMsgr.txt” file. You can then send me the log over PMs and I’ll examine it when I have time.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Just to be sure, is that normal?