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When I try to install wlm 8, I try to open it and the cursor loads for a few seconds but it doesn’t open and I don’t know what it could be … I need help

Cuando trato de instalar wlm 8, trato de abrirlo y el cursor carga por unos segundos pero no se abre y no se que puede ser… necesito ayuda

You made that topic before, here

I know but I do not receive a response in 11 days

Doesn’t mean you should make a duplicate of it. Just wait more time.

what windows version? when did it start happening? Computer specs? provide more details

Windows 10, it started to happen several months ago, I have 12gb of ram and a gt 740 and the version of windows live messenger is 8.5

open task manager and look for either MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger and end their tasks. WLM should then open. if it didnt open after ending the task, click wlm from the start menu

I already tried that solution but it still does not open …
edit: only happens with version 8.5, from 8 to 2.2 it works

does it open the installer, then after a few seconds to a minute, it closes? if so, check your start menu to see if its installed.

yes, the installer closes after executing it, but the wlm is installed, but it cannot be opened …
I check the processes and the program never opened, I think something does not allow it to open, but I don’t know

go to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger and open msnmsgr.exe if its there

As a starting point, you should see if it’s crashing on startup. To check, try and run Messenger and again then open the Event Viewer, Application Log.

To get there quickly, press  Windows Key R (Windows Key and R) on the keyboard to bring up the Run box.

Then copy and paste %SystemRoot%\System32\Winevt\Logs\Application.evtx into the box and choose the OK button.

You’ll be looking for an Error, Application Error, Event ID 1000. Replying back with the error details might help isolate the issue.

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I do not find any errors, only some events about the installation of WLM, but it only said that the program installed correctly

Out of curiosity, were those install events from the original install or were they triggered at the time you tried to launch Messenger?

Also, did you try EpicTaco’s suggestion above? The shortcut should be okay in 8.x, but given some of the other details you’ve shared, it would be worth trying to run it from the folder directly.

Do you have any unusual audio/video capturing devices installed? Messenger will enumerate those devices on startup and that can cause problems (although a rare thing on 8.5).

  1. Those events were from the installation, they do not appear at the time of running the program, they do not even match the schedules
  2. Yes, I already tried to open it from the folder, in fact it was the first thing I tried before creating this article
  3. What do you mean by strange audio or video device? the only external program I have for audio is voicemod …

Well, first of all, I appreciate all the help you gave me, but I had to fix it in a pretty stupid way …
Just install WLM 8.5 on another computer and move, using a pendrive, the windows live folder to my computer and start the program directly from that folder without installing it on the pc …
The solution seemed so silly that I had to say it, especially when I later found out that WLM 2009 was already available, making everything worthless …
Thank you all.

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Based on your workaround, I would postulate that the original Messenger install folder likely had the remnants of something left in it that was preventing Messenger from starting. The Plus! loader DLL for example (although that should be able to handle that situation in normal circumstances).