Hello. Today's sad news

I will not use this acc anymore, due to Discord closing my account.
I got a “Something’s Going On Here” screen and now I can’t anymore use MG.
I will make a new acc, I think its for using VPNS on Discord.
Bye :frowning:

Sad to hear that.

Me too. Ill make an account named “WindowsFanRebirth”.

Aww, Discord WANTS you to give your phone number, even servers that set the max protection level also require you to give your phone number.

:frowning: yeah vpns are probihited probably for bypassing ip bans on servers

Rebirth account done. I am sad for what the hell happened.

Why you enter with an alt on this forum? Isn’t your main account fine?

i think he uses discord to login to mg and he lost his discord so

my account cant login anymore and i dont use those accounts otherwise they dm me trying to chat and i cant reply to them

Why make a new MG account just because your old Discord account got suspended?


his old MG account is like 4 days old, so it doesn’t make sense.

and the rebirth account’s posts are all flagged because Discourse is detecting it as a sockpuppet.

If it’s a sockpuppet, why don’t we ban it then?

you didnt understand it, he lost his account, just like i did with @InSanic_Old

On any Discourse forum, the accounts are always based on an e-mail address, even if you’ve linked it to Discord, Google, whatever preferred service, and even if that’s the only way you’ve ever logged in. So instead of making new accounts, you can reset your password (even if you’ve never had one), and after using the password reset link sent to you, you can login using the e-mail address and newly created password.

You can then unlink it from the inaccessible Discord account and link it to a new one, or just keep using the e-mail address.

But since you have multiple accounts now, you can mail us at @moderators to merge them into the account you want to use now.

In InSanic’s situation, he was using 2FA, and a bug in the software had made it impossible to turn off on his account without database hackery. So we had to get creative :stuck_out_tongue:. That shouldn’t affect other users though.


also, sorry for bumping, that this is the same thing that happened to @whatsup567 (@WindowsXD)