Hello! Today is my birthday!

It is my birthday! Send me a cake emoji at java#4448


me no care

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oh come on


Happy birthday, WindowsXD! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :birthday: ! Hope you enjoy your day :slight_smile:

Thanks bro, i got a new phone for my present

Hope you had a great birthday, WindowsXD :birthday:

sorry for coming late, happy birthday :cake:

oops, was a little late. Happy Birthday!


Happy later birthday man, hope it went great.

Thanks man, it was great

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Why it show “The following message could not be delivered to all recipients” error due typing "Happy Birthday :cake: "

I was offline anyways welcome to MG!

He disabled DMs. It’s on privacy & safety tab and the option called allow dms from server members.

he meant on escargot