Hello my fellow americans

I’m surprised this is still around actually.

How is escargot doing at the moment and does it have a discord

It’s doing great, and getting more traffic apparently. We’re super close to getting WLM 2009 support out, we have our own server for MSN games/activities now, and we’re working out a deal with someone to get Escargot working with an MSN Messenger client on WebTV (another Microsoft product that valtron’s described as a “proto-smart TV”). Basically we’re in a good position this year.

As for an Escargot Discord that still isn’t a thing yet, but there is another MessengerGeek Discord: https://discord.gg/wwwFRjR

So it means it’s gonna be released by next month, I’m hoping :smiley:

Not to crush any hopes, but that’s still not guaranteed. I am trying to find time to further progress sooner however, that I can assure.