Hello Everyone

Someone has send to me an email to share.
I don’t know if this is true…

this is true my friend but is still in the works

don’t believe in chain mail.

WLM 2009 is coming this year, I think that’s for sure


This is another stupid chain letter that unlike the last one is really trying to get as many people involved as possible. Just know that we wouldn’t do anything as stupid as pulling the plug on Escargot just because people aren’t spreading nonsense chain mail about WLM 2009. :stuck_out_tongue:


i wonder why i don’t get these e-mails

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There was already something like this yesterday, why again?

probably because the sender of this mail doesn’t have you in your contacts.

It seems that this email was sent to around 750ish people. As the last receiver of the email was actually the 736th post.

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Ok. Maybe i will ignore this mail…


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Here’s something a bit on-topic, some random spam, but it wasn’t a chain or was related to WLM '09 hype.

If you look in your spam folder, you may see a email claiming to be Escargot Support. There’s two of them, One that says “plz be careful or ur vidlli messengergeek account will be taken by hackers”, and the other says “FUCK SORRY THIS WAS A SPAM”. That was actually written by me. The WLM '09 chain mail was written by another person.

If you see any other message claiming to be Escargot or it tells you to copy this to all of your friends so that '09 (or in the near future, '11 and '12). It’s fake.

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Ok i understand…

i know this is a bump but i found this email in my spam

I don’t know why this people still ask in this topic. This was two months After all this :frowning:

Ok, EpicTaco404