Have you heard of Newgrounds?

Hi everyone, new user Maf here! :blush:

You might think this is old news but no!
The site is beaming with energies and new life has sprouted on the site, its pretty cool you guys!
We hosting a Neo Geo jam currently, would be cool to check out dontchu think?

And theres prize money (and some actual neogeo goodies) to whoever can make an animation, music or art NeoGeo themed !!
Or if you not up for that, its such a wonderful place to hang out, really reccomend it eheh
You guys have any cool Newgrounds memories to share? :slight_smile: :smile: :smile:

Yep, I’ve heard of newgrounds. Go to it all the time. I usually just screw around on the BBS though.

hell yeah dude whats your user?

I would say my user, but I don’t have the password anymore and would probably have to make a new acc.

ye dude go new go fresh
earn them points


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epic, you like it?

its fine.

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i used to watch eddsworld here

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some flash games i used to play in Friv.com (like Sonic in Mario World) were in Newgrounds

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what’s whis

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an epic jam in an epic website!

am…well you fan this website

just think its a pretty neat community, bound to explore and expand!

Newgrounds is several things to me:

  1. Sonic shorts
  2. Sonic (and other) flash games
  3. This logo:
    I’m pleased it’s still operating and hopefully will continue to do so (especially post-flash) :slight_smile:.


yeah :0

Good times… I’ve always go to NewGrounds when I was child

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Yeah the website is prepared! Theres an onworking flash player emulator called ruffle developed by Mike W. that has us covered!

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Newgrounds does have Newgrounds Player now, which is a desktop application for Newgrounds that will allow for Flash games on Newgrounds to be played after Flash is killed.