Happy Birthday to Balazs!

A very happy birthday to @Balazs_V, thank you for all you do :slight_smile: :birthday: :partying_face:


Happy BDay Man.
Appreciate this little slice of cake since Donald took it all.

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It’s actually Gus Goose who took it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, happy birthday to our great moderator @Balazs_V!

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Happy birthday! @Balazs_V have a good day!

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Thank you for all you guys :slight_smile: Feels good, I so appreciate it :heart:

Hopefully the pandemic in Hungary is in good condition I mean the restaruants are opened etc, so we can celebrate my birthday with friends :slight_smile:

An interest thing about me. The all kind of cake is not my favourite (except chocolate :stuck_out_tongue: ) so we always choose a good, salty food often a Hungarian traditional food :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, at this moment we’ve chosen fast food in McDonalds.


How is the McDonald’s in hungary? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday!
I also went to Mako in Hungary. It’s a nice place :slight_smile:

happy bday!

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Hey, you’re welcome.

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happy birthday :birthday:

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Late answer sorry just my free time :frowning:
Thank you everyone again for kind words :slight_smile:

McDonald’s in Hungary is fine. People can eat there inside and outside, you don’t have to wear a mask 'til you’re around your table. Same thing for other restaurants too :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully the covid-19 is gonna disappear in Hungary thanks for vaccinations so life there is from time to time more free. Like McDonalds :stuck_out_tongue: