Hackintosh on main (only for a few days)

so here it is, finally ran on my pc
took some time

there is one problem i wasn’t able to fix
glitchy os graphics

does GTX 950 work?

gtx 950?
idk, but i think it requires web drivers too, check the anti gpu buyers guide
i’m using gtx 1060 and it goes up to high sierra, gtx 950 prob will do the same

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did you use clover or opencore?


btw unrelated but here’s some things that’s gonna be fun
later this year i’m getting a new pc, building it myself
getting razer headphones too!
and related
this hackintosh is for one day

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I planned to hackintosh at somepoint, but the pain is just not worth it, at least for me.

i get it, the hackintosh worked for 1 day, it broke and when i got it to work THE GRAPHICS WENT GLITCHY AND SLOW AND UNUSABLE