Hacking Platforms, New Heights

First CPO (Club Penguin Online) now this?!

Apperantly, there is a bot on YouTube where they seem like normal (even though the automated messages are obvious) but if you dare lay a cell of skin on those type of bots… You’re done for

Here: This is where Some of people of a discord server were informed about this dangerous breach

Please be safe out there and god bless you all

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Pretty sure this is false, the purpose of this bot is to get views on the videos of his main channel


You’d really have to click and install everything that this channel uploads, to even get infected.
Visiting sites on the web is pretty harmless.


well he commented in my and my friends video ive already seen it

like heres an example

Video: Killing my baby son HE DIED FOREVER OMG

Tom: nice video, keep up the content

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Same for me.
Now i spotted him spammed on big youtuber (i seen one from BabyZone) and as soon i subscribed to him and trying to searching his name (Tom) before i gonna unsub now.

Since then the bots doesnt seem to appear anymore and i didn’t seen him appear again on my comment section.

Also Proof (captured on my video):

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