Guys, I want to share this!

@TReKiE makes this file in 2013 MessengerReviver-2-2-4.exe (404.5 KB)

I found it from the web and I see that was MessengerGeek project: , so, Idk if is like, only removing to change to skype and something, but, if is only this, just delete this post, but if is that change something related to code and etc. I can maybe move to the next WLM 2009 and 2012, I will make something in the 2009 version later…

Messenger Reviver is dead, Microsoft shut down the last messenger servers a few years ago.
Or do you already know this?

it only removes the “upgrade to skype” shit, micro$oft shut down the servers


I already know this. But Idk that was only removing the Upgrade to skype message