Guys, i need help!

how do i setup COM1 and COM2 in virtualbox since i wanted to make activesync work with a windows phone emulator

Why do you want active sync to work with Windows phone in virtualbox?

because i wanna test applications

there is somthing for this Installing and running Windows Mobile emulators - Microsoft Community Hub @kikoabdou

Docking with “desktop” ActiveSync You can also doc your device to the desktop ActiveSync in Windows XP. In Windows Vista you will have to run similar directions as below, but use the Windows Mobile Device Manager to change the Connection Settings as shown below. 1. Click Start > Programs > Windows Mobile 6 SDK > Tools > Device Emulator Manager 2. The Device Emulator Manager should now display the running Emulated Windows Mobile 6 under “Others”. Right Click the Entry and select “Cradle”. 3. Right-click the Mobile Device Center (it may open automatically) or ActiveSync icon from your taskbar and select “Mobile Device Settings” or “Connection Settings”. 4. On first run, check the “Allow connections to one of the following”, then select “DMA” from the dropdown list and set “This computer is connected to” = “The internet” (automatic not reliable) and click OK (setting is retained) 5. ActiveSync will now attempt to connect to your virtual device that is Emulating Windows Mobile 6. Once the connection has been established you have the ability use the PC’s network connection allowing you to browse the Internet/Intranet using your Mobile Browser this one is for activesync