Guys I need help with my ms surface go

Does windows 11 support Microsoft surface go if not then what do I do I do not have $$$mooloa$$$ for a Macbook. :frowning: I need help

I wouldn’t worry. Although it’s not on the official compatibility list as of now, Win10 support isn’t ending for quite some time. I would be a bit surprised if you were still using it as much even at the official 2025 cutoff date. The 2025 date is pretty meaningless, other Win10/Server SKUs will continue to have support, and most software today still supports Win7, Microsoft released a patch for it even this week.

If you really want to run Win11, it’s definitely possible now, and likely will continue to be in the future too. I have it on my OG Surface Book (which is a three years older than your Go).

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