[GUIDE] How to avoid scam mails?

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I realized that, the scam mails are so increased nowadays. I’ve been talking on MessengerGeek’s Discord server and I became aware of that some people got same letters. So in this description I want to describe what are spam and junk mails and how to avoid them.

So what are scam emails?
Shortly the phishing generally. The sender attempts to obtain sensitive informations like your username, password, credit cards or just takes the control. Typically carred out by emal spoofing or instant messaging. It also appears on fake websites but we are now talking about email letters.

How can we avoid these mails?

  • The most important thing is always watch the sender’s email address. For an example, the bank uses official domain names (like otpbank.hu) not otpbank @yahoo.com, info@otppbank.hu. You can check easily the given mail address: if you registered to a website like to otp bank the link name’s almost every time same with website’s official mail address.
  • Never reply to junk mails. The junk mails usually arrives into your junk/spam folder. If you registered to website it everytime says check your junk folder if you don’t see the confirm mail in your Inbox folder. In this case always do the above tip.
  • The popular thread is “You won 2 MILLIION USD, Claim here now!! You have 24 hours to do this…” , “You won Iphone 53 Pro max” or something else. Think about that. What do you think, is there a person, bank or a company who gives you a many money? Of course not. So just report the mail to your official mail provider or just remove from your Inbox/Junk folder.
  • If you did not do anything and you got mail from like random bank, or a person who’s wanna some money avoid them! For example, if you don’t have credit card which bank would to write to you?

So these are the four important things which in my opinion every average person should to know this. If you are approaching to age 18, you’ll use the email service more often with your school/your job etc. etc. Many friends, relatives, and some MG users searched me because their computer has been “hacked” due to they did not follow these important security activity.

There are some scam mails which I’ve got.
Meantime I did not register any foreign banks or donation. The sender uses yahoo which is meh for me.
My Outlook still alives and I never heard about hotmail.kz domain.
I always get scam bank mails from these senders if I reply to the mentioned email address.

A best tip: use a public mail like for registrations and a personal mail if you writes a letter for a company or shool or something else.

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I have a second way.

If it’s looking too good, do not click

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