GTA San Andreas Poll :P


Which radio station do you prefer?

  • Master Sounds 98.3
  • Playback FM
  • Bounce FM
  • K-DST
  • K-Jah Radio West
  • CSR 103.9
  • Radio:X The Alternative
  • K-Rose
  • Radio Los Santos
  • SF-UR
  • WCTR Talk Radio

0 voters


SF-UR gives gud music


K-DST of course; I have fond memories of being chased down by the military while listening to Slow Ride :stuck_out_tongue:

Radio X is still good tho


Radio Los Santos = Quality Rap


Rap sucks and its kids cancer of 2010s :stuck_out_tongue:


beastie boys say hi :slight_smile:


What is that


rap is good if done right