Group chat relay bot testing

I’ve started the first phase of testing for the relay bot. If you want to test it, add to your contact list and then say hello when it shows up online.

There are a few commands you can try, send the bot !help for a list.

What gets relayed:

  • Text with formatting
  • Custom emoticons, although like any standard Messenger group, sometimes they don’t show up (reliability seems pretty good so far though)
  • Nudges
  • Typing notifications

What doesn’t:

  • Your ! commands
  • Winks (working on making this happen)
  • File transfers
  • Photo sharing
  • Voice/video

At the moment at least, there is only one group per bot. The idea of this is that one member of your group can run the software on their own PC. I’m considering running individual bots on my own server for those who need it however.

Let me know what you think.

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very nice work! thanks jonathan @TReKiE. but i dont understand how to add contacts in order to make a group conversation.can you write a simple guide? thanks.

It works thanks jonathan :smiley:

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It’s up to the individual contacts to add the bot themselves.

ok thanks i get how it works!!! :slight_smile: