Hi, you may know me by my user which is @MarkNoah, well… I abandoned it due to not having access to the account and also that username was not that good at all, as i tried to change that username many times but i didn’t got the idea i needed at all…

So, what i did… I followed the steps from my good ol’friend @TReKiE, and called myself in this new brand account, as i like to watch the series and play the games from Sonic, so… I would like also for you guys to call me also by my real name called Luke, as i don’t feel comfortable by my surname which is Mark Noah.

So, i guess this is a reboot or as i may call it a reborn, but it’s not the end, i guess…

Anyways, feel free to welcome me again in this home, which i may have been for 5 years in my old account.

Thanks and see you around! :wave:


Welcome @TailsBoy766!

Thanks! :smile: