Got windows live messenger 8.5 working on Linux


finally got windows live messenger working in Linux , Notifications working but NO SOUND amma have to figure that out and make a thread about how to get the sound working but anyways you can do everything, send messages, send pictures and change your name display picture, get notified when someone gets online add custom emoticons, send emoticons I KNOW you cant see messenger plus in the picture but its because i took the screenshots before I installed it and yes it did work perfectly !

To get it working on linux open up a terminal and type this:
winetricks tahoma then hit enter
winetricks riched30 then hit enter
winetricks msxml3 then hit enter
winetricks msls3 then hit enter
You need wine tricks installed
and it will work like a charm :slight_smile:

Is there will be a .tar.gz package for linux

nice macOS theme


AWESOME! This is a great advance :smiley:


Thanks , i haven’t fully themed it to look exactly like mac yet tho