Got Mavericks working in a VM in my new laptop

Here’s some stuff you gotta know tho

  1. It’s niresh distro (don’t complain megadeth i don’t have a mac so i cant get vanilla)

  2. I disabled geo_enabled in Firefox when i installed it (now dont complain ICTY)

  3. I still gotta fix the resoliution for it to work better in my laptop

Do you have 3D acceleration?

  1. Yes
  2. Virtualbox (watch the vid)

there’s a glitch that the trackpad doesnt work, i have to enable my usb mouse in the vm

I will complain at something else lol

Also nice

I honestly thought he was talking about mega man maverick hunter x


i just installed Niresh Mavericks normally, do you use VMware or Viirtualbox (VMware requires 1 extra option in installation to be enabled)


What is Mavericks a dude?

Mac OS X version

ok, il pm u how to install it

sent it

now i’m getting macOS Sierra

it’s vanilla this time, so dont complain mega

still gotta install vmware drivers but holy crap

What so now you wanna install VM’s? Even though is the new laptop

It’s a goood idea.

since u like Among us i decided i would say this