Got into PS2 Slim modding, so here's this

PS2 Slim modding can be quite easy.
Before you do it make sure you have:

  • PS2 Slim (SCPH-79001 is the easiest to work on)
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Good experience with ribbon cables (which I don’t really have)

I’m actually trying to make my PS2’s beat up shell look like a PS1.
(wouldn’t really call that modding but whatever)
Also the second memory card port is fucked. First it just didn’t work right, then i decided to break it on purpose (which is a stupid idea, don’t do that unless you’re sure the board is dead)
Anyways, that’s all for now. I will post a photo when I am finished painting the shell! :cat2:

Lucky mine’s already modded. Is one of those strange Slim Silver models.

Yeah mine (used to be) Silver.

I bought PS2 Slim three months ago. I’m living in Turkey and our country has too many console repair market. All markets have Matrix modchip or Modbo chip. I paid 5 euro for PS2 Slim and Matrix Infinity modchip.

Great. I would love to burn some games, but the games I already have are good enough, so I’ll spend my money on something else. I would like to install FreeMCBoot too. But I don’t have a DVD to burn the image to, so no FreeMCBoot for now.

More like

a good set of screwdrivers
solder station with proper settings
experience with soldering
a modchip
the case
soldering iron
common sense