Got a VPS, tell me ideas for what to do with it

i got a vps from OVH, to host some of my projects, and i want to do some things with it, tell me ideas, just to see haha

i have a vps but my friends Angshu and Mohannad are the ones who use it most, they both have several hacks for stuff but idk

uhm, i don’t wanna hack tho

yeah i know

but i really dont know what to do

what i mean by i don’t wanna hack is : i don’t want my parents to pay because i did mistakes :slight_smile:

Well VPS? Basically use for servers :stuck_out_tongue: Firstly you should set up a nice SSH and FTP/SFTP protocol. After that you can host servers, bots from it like develop a discord bot and host from it, or just run minecraft or something else game server :stuck_out_tongue: the VPS gives you a big freedom to keep your creativity works on.

Yup! i have SFTP and SSH, i even installed NGINX, im pretty happy to have this VPS, i’m learning HTML and JS, so this will really help to host my creations :smiley:

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I had a VPS as well few months ago, We ran discord bot, ts3 server, website and a FiveM game server on it.

i would get a vps if i had the money to

I was thinking of a sort-like Steam, but with some games of my friends, (and free haha), i might host it on this VPS, if i do it

I used to have a VPS but got banned forever for storing p**n

bruh why would you even do that

Got hacked by a discord user that locked my whatsup567 account

oh, it was not you that stored p**n?

It was the hacker

oh ok

Hey! First thing i now have a website! i host it with this vps! heres the link