Google Talk third-party support ends June 16, 2022

Per Talk Help,

We’re winding down Google Talk. On June 16, 2022, we’ll end our support for third-party apps, including Pidgin and Gajim, as we announced in 2017.

To continue to chat with your contacts, we recommend using Google Chat. You can more easily plan with others, share and collaborate on files, and assign tasks with Chat’s enhanced Spaces feature. You also have the same strong phishing protections we build in Gmail and accessibility features like screen reader support.

If you try to sign in to Google Talk on or after June 16, 2022, you’ll get a sign in error.

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I thought in 2013 they ended google talk…

that just proves that google hates its old users

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Part of it is likely related to ongoing efforts to eliminate “Less Secure Apps”, and third-party apps that do this sort of login lost support a few weeks ago (May 30th).

Considering GTalk officially came online (with this third-party XMPP support) on August 24, 2005 and now ends on June 16, that’s 16 years, 9 months, and 23 days. All things considered, that’s fairly respectable.

There’s also a possibility it might already be shut down. An old friend of mine reported to me yesterday that his account was no longer authorizing, but I haven’t heard back again today to know if it’s been resolved.

may 30th 2022 is the worst event in this forum

they even want to end hangouts which is better than google chat (not google talk it’s the replacement of hangouts)

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this is so sad… alexa play despacito

Happy birthday!