Google became terrible

So the new YT notifications style or idk what SUCKS
The other thing is your forced to use the new gmail layout or the classic HTML layout
The another one is Google Images style changed too

Now Google is TERRIBLE



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Okay first of all

Not really you have the option to go back to old Gmail style if you want to

That’s not necessarily bad since its just your opinion because other people might like the style

How does it suck? it didn’t even change much and again with the “style” it’s only you because most people got used to the new YT notification style which hasn’t change much Yes youtube changed but the YT notification was changed a long time ago AKA nothing changed after that YET so this was a disappointing thread :confused:

there’s nothing noticably wrong about the website redesigns to make Google “terrible”. if you don’t like them switch to the old themes.

there’s 899,999 more arrogant people like you who think that every company is terrible for their ways of maintaining a modern business.

please, keep on rambling some more.


Get used to it, friend, every modern website looks like garbgae.

Gogole was always evil, just think about it, I knew already in 2006 that is was becoming the one and only search engine and that I had to use and make people use anything else.
Gogole is getting you because it offers free stuff that works kinda well, but the real product is you and gogole is the master of advertisement and selling your data.
I hate gogole even more since it bought youtube : I had no access to my account unless I created a gogole account, which I did, just to access and delete the youtube account before I delete the gogole account.
Don’t use gogole, it will use you.

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try visiting google in ie8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Then click images and your back toin 2009