Goodbey Windows XP, hello Windows 7

yes i upgrade my pc windows XP for Windows 7

thanks for support @RioMcCloud, and i miss you Windows XP :frowning:


Hah im gonna still be on my xp pc whatever they say :smile:

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@Cartoon you can install the Luna theme on 7

see you later Windows XP in VMs

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Be unsafe :slight_smile:

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i’m here


Welcome, my Windows 7 brethren!

Got a way to leave Google Chrome without lag

Hah this wont make me upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:
And just an os is unsuported doesnt mean i need to upgrade
Even windows 7 is insecure.Updates wont make your pc 100000% virus free.

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The thing is, they still supply updates for windows xp, but only for companies (i think)

Uh , yeah it does , windows xp will lose support for all apps one day so good luck with that

Dont forget this :wink:

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this inst saving your day buddy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i will fly to Lithuania and force you to upgrade nojus

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It will :wink:

Not happening

lol i’ll start dming you isos of all my post-winxp windows versions


nah man i won’t i don’t want to get labelled as a douchebag like hemoo

mate , look at the post , literally the last update is from 2017 :unamused: