Good bye Flash,

Good bye Flash, you well be remembered as a bighter thing that sopported our child hood we all like you good bye> pls say final words to adobe flash…


Goodbye my sweet flash player, I will miss you

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I just found a countdown for it’s date:

This will let you know when it will die.

Huge F

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You Missed! How Could You Miss It Was Three Feet In Front Of You!

-Kanaya, Mulan, 69420.

Someone needs to revive it.

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ye i just downloaded it and fravorited all games i used to play

i made this vid

i knew about flashpoint since like 2018 but only started using it now

Welp, good bye old times. May you rest in peace.

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fuck you adobe
and you too html5
also you 2020

I noticed Steve Jobs wasn’t on your list. I think there’s a good argument to be made that his Thoughts on Flash letter, and the rejection of it on iOS, is what kicked Flash down, from which it never recovered.

Although, you could also make the counter argument that it was inevitable anyway.

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Man,i renember playing games from and other pages.

Steve Jobs is a satan

At least he died

In France, it’s done, Flash is no longer supported anymore. sad new years eve for gamers

But I’ve got the macromedia versions and CS6, so I have old versions of flash

I have flash mx 2004