GoAnifire Wrapper Online

I finally have Go!Anifire Wrapper Online!
Here is the link: https://gobigplanetmate3854-wrapper.herokuapp.com


yup, good work.

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this is just an instance of wrapper offline being run on some computer, which shutdown, so it doesnt work lol.

PS: learn how to animate in flash

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if it’s saying flash is not avaliable (I cant read the language that sentence is in) use IE or an older browser as they may still have flash support

Try it on chromebook, it will work.

Try chromebook it works on there

use it on chromebook, flash will work

Chromebooks are only used in poor American schools. They’re slow and shit (ironic considering chromeOS is based on GENTOO LINUX)

Chrome has dropped support for Flash, you’re likely using an outdated Chromebook.

it said “Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported”

oh so basically every american elementary school got it

use flashpoint, its an archive of flash animations and games, like animator vs animation