Getting Windows CE Messenger to work with Escargot or other servers


Because I am new here, I’d like to say hello! How’s everyone doing?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out if there would be ways to possibly connect to Escargot and/or what-not using the Windows CE Messenger. I have not seen that many people talking about using the servers with CE Messenger here, so I wonder why not start somewhere. The Windows CE 5.0 device emulator, which is freely available at Microsoft’s website, should be good enough for testing (Just be sure to use the “/Ethernet virtualswitch” command flag). The CE Messengers should be closer to using the more legacy communication methods since it looks almost completely like MSN 4. Below is a screenshot of how the interface looks like along with the version the emulator supplies with.

Note that there is also other versions out there like this one other screenshot I discovered of CE .net 4.0 with an earlier looking CE Messenger version.


talk with @tristanleboss @TReKiE @valtron


I’ve been trying earlier to modify Windows Mobile 2003 registry to get MSN Messenger to work, the registry keys are nearly identical to PC ones, but it hadn’t proceeded. It looks like you need to get into exe file analisys.