Get it to work on a Mac (Sierra or later)


I almost got Messenger to work on my mac through someones pre-done wine-package. Logging in was fine, but no sounds and no possibility to chat.

Anyone here got it working on a mac? Would love some step by step help or a link to something working!

All the best and thank you for the greatest revival on earth.

Have you tried the winetricks from here: Wine Reviews : MSN Messenger 7.5 on Linux with Wine Someone here named @Nintel got chat working with these two years ago from what I can tell.

On another note, me and a few others have been trying to get native Mac versions of Messenger working, with me and @enhanox having some success in getting versions 1 and 3 working. Both use MD5 authentication and are PowerPC only, though, so they aren’t ideal for modern use unless you’re willing to enable old MSN support on your account and/or find a way to get compatible OS X versions working (10.0 - 10.5).

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What thread? This one doesn’t really have to be copied, and the GitLab issue doesn’t have any important info right now. You can easily find the Messenger URL in a resource inside the binaries for the two versions I bring up (MSNp resource).


Oh. Honestly I agree too.


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Hey, I’ve been used wlm on Mac HS via wine and winetricks.

Firstly you have to install wine and winetricks with brew (Read more from Google).
After that follow steps same as on Linux in terminal:
sh winetricks riched20 gdiplus msxml3 flash

Install wlm and run it.