Games for Windows LIVE Revival?

I would like to see a revival.

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GFWL was a mistake. a huge one. it would be better off to leave it dead.


you see, this is the perfect reason we said for you (and the kind like you) to leave, bad idea hell

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I have windows live my pc lol

i think it still exists.
i can still sign in fine on gta iv.

You can’t buy anything (Microsoft Points can no longer be used on August 22, 2013, according to a confusing Wikipedia article) but you can still play the game you bought.

and why u dont just ignore him

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This is the goddamn motherfuckin’ reason you “haven’t” matured.
This whole thread.

well the op kid (considering his description says he’s from 2008) didn’t posted anything after posting this.

You really remind me of sswag, judging from the way you talk. Call me crazy, but I think you might just be sswag on another account.



It was from a month ago but I have my suspicions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So he’s ban evading? His ban on @BabyMCSheep will end on Halloween 2019.

yes, @epicboy69 is ban evading

So why isn’t he banned then?

i don’t know, maybe TReKiE didn’t notice
but if we flag he for ban evading, he will probaly get banned by the system

What a dead giveaway to a ban evasion, smh

I was talking about @sswag, not the OP.

sswag wasnt banned

but yeah, Water has big sswag energy. almost makes u wonder :thinking: