[GAMES] Escargot Games!


I can translate to Hungarian




GUYS! You need to download the .xml again to use the Tic Tac Toe game.
Thank you for your support.



Does .xml work on WLM 8.5?


Yes it works for me on WLM 8.5 :slight_smile:


It works on WLM 8.5 :slight_smile:


looks like one of my old GitHub builds (before our server)
i can tell because of “(name)'s turn”


two seconds before i start my server, please stay tuned

EDIT: Turned on! You can play!



Unfortunately, we don’t have as much money to keep a server, and so.
If someone can offer us a great web hosting, maybe i’ll do something to revive it again.


what day will more games come?


blame Chinese translators for delays.


Maybe you should stop worrying about localization, and just release the games. You could then localize them to the fullest later on. :slight_smile:


you really think so?
fine, as there are like 3 Chinese versions, anyway, why bother? no one is really chinese on escargot… raymonf, yes i know, don’t complain if you see this


Why did you start with Chinese localization lol?

I’d suggest you start with English, then work your way up to foreign languages. :stuck_out_tongue:


chinese was last on the list though, i already had english and others… wanna see the XMLs i made, yes… we don’t have a offical Application server yet…


Well, then, take your time to finish the Chinese localization files.

But for future reference, I’d suggest you to finish the first localization file, upload it along with the game files on the server, then write up the rest of the localization files and upload the ones that are finished onto the app server. That way, you can cut down delays, in a way. :stuck_out_tongue:


no i’ll just upload them to the server, Languages kind of don’t work well in N++ anyway…


the update should be live now for English only


May I make an Spanish translation