Gameplayer pages on the zone


Gameplayer pages on the remained untouched


That not quite true. they left the infrastructure but made a whole lot of changes that can’t be seen without editing the elements.


I went on that website a few months ago out of boredom and it looked like it hadn’t been updated in at least a few years. None of the games would work on Chrome so I had to open MS Edge to play them. :frowning:


There are a whole lot of changes that we don’t know about including which links lead to which pages. the website may not work well on chrome or firefox but this is something good. it means they didn’t change that and kept the CSS infrastructure. the website stands a bit messed up in firefox on the home page but that doesn’t stop me from playing games. :stuck_out_tongue:


really when i used chrome the games worked good


I also noticed that they are working on the website right now.


They still haven’t changed the MSN logo to the new one, either.


i’m told about logo and other visual elements


Maybe they won’t change it but keep it running as long as they can before changing anything. there’s no way to know until it’s announced or automatically launched.