Funny story

So I went to school today and I was talking to my friend Cody and then my friend Aiden stuck a brass fastener into the outlet XD There was a loud pop and it smelled like something was on fire XD Nobody got hurt.

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(sigh) Kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you really want to have fun get the biggest battery you can find and the biggest transitor you can fin then reverse the polarity and enjoy the jocularity!


my history is instead at home: i was playing with my toy rc golf, then i popped some wires out and stuck on the outlet, hoping it to work and go mad fast, it only almost killed me and my tv, which i would be extremely sad for not playing ps2 anymore

my brother told me this.
when i was born it looked like i had a cube head so i looked like fucking steve from minecraft. its fixed now.