Fulptube & bwitter that we talked bout it

But from what i’ve heard, bitview has replaced it’s server and the dev, the place will be much better but they’ll work on removing ads and fixing it, kuz is now a developer of VidLii and BitView, which means it’s much helpful and it’s the only website let’s say that represents the old youtube but not full features for example, QuickList, Like/DisLike and much more, they said they’ll bring these back but they’re working on it.

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there’s no mention about fulptube on this thread besides the title


i think its to gather peoples attention, but thats just my opinion.

I’m the only FulpTuber in this forum that I can know of.

Nope, I used it too before the shutdown.

Me too

To me bitview is now getting better

Nah i used that but only like once

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Like, very frequently.

(8 month bump) I’m even the only VidLii user in this forum kek

Wrong, i used vidlii on and off from 2017 until a few months ago

oh ok

Ya hoo

what about mastodon

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apparently bwitter is dead just like fulptube

well there was an unofficial revival of fulptube owned by my friend John but that officially closed its doors a few days ago.

bwitter was only used by bitview users though right


koo became a meme in brazil (beacuse it sounds like “cu” aka “ass” in portuguese) but i prefer Mastodon, Koo is a indian social media lol

Bruh i didnt even scroll that far, and i did a 13 day bump

MG is def dead, change my mind

we don’t care much about bumps rn

sadly this forum is kind of inactive, but i still love it <3

i still can’t believe this conversation and this topic is made by me, wow