Frontend Request


Where can I find the view’s code (Frontend) of any Messenger version?

We want to add 3D content to the chat for a College project, with a teacher’s framework made with javascript.
We also want to “wink” old school messenger, since he insinuated he loved it, like us.

Thanks you very much in advance!

could you clarify a bit?

Exactly what do you mean by “3D content”? Do you mean to make the UI more 3D, or make the chat pane’s elements more 3D (text, emoticons, etc.)?

If you’re not looking to simply replace the graphical assets, then unfortunately, what you’re describing to implement is impossible, as MSN Messenger is closed-source, and it can’t be added onto any further. Also, the chat engine and MSN itself isn’t reliant on JavaScript or any HTML technologies (see Electron), so that framework would be useless unless you created an HTML5 Messenger client from the ground up (which if you were planning to do in the first place, then that little to no manipulation with Messenger itself).

As for adding winks to your project, if you want the original files for those, then you’ll have to find a way to unpack them during runtime and you’ll have to utilize Flash, if that’s a concern for you.

Thank you very much for your complete answer.

I will have to cook the frontend by myself, using the frontend web stack to simulate the old messenger interface, it may look fake but it will do its function.
What I wanted to say about the 3D thing, is to implement some kind of 3D mesh viewer, editor or even a small videogame (as the subject’s teaching plan specifies).
We are not going to dive into flash tecnologies, but that’s an interesting purpose though.

Anyway we really appreciate your acclaration and your time!

Ah, I see.

I think a 3D game accessible as a game in a “Games” menu (akin to MSN) would be a nice way to meet your project’s requirements. :wink:

Also, good luck! :stuck_out_tongue: