Friends are gone

I had 11 friends on Escargot and now after i logged in i only have 2 what happened?

they forgot to update their accounts.


Yes they forgot to modernize their account, it’s sad but you can’t get them back, sorry :frowning:

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People were given 3 months to modernize their accounts, and in fact in the last month we really tried to bother everyone who didn’t modernize, including IMing them every time they signed on, but for some reason some people still didn’t. Out of the most active users since December 22nd, about 60% of them modernized, and about 85% of the most active users in the last month did as well.

So, sorry that you lost friends, but if you look in the contacts area, so long as they have in their MSN username, they’re still around, so you can find new people to chat with.