French Category

We need that please really


a language category for french people

I know Alessio and Shadow (as well as maxime, but hes banned) speaks french, thats it

I dont know, in my opinion it’s an English community not a french so not very necessary.

theres spanish russian people that dont speak english here and they have their category.

I accept the spanish category, cause I think 60% of MG user is spanish so

Portuguese peuple have a larger presence on MG thon spanish peuple. Even though mots of them are throwawys

russian category is dead already so… a french category is useless

**** ***** ok

what’s up with those asteriks you’ve been posting

he’s 10 and doesn’t want his parents to see him swearing

i have to agree with this one, if you want to make a french category it will be limited to about 5 people and will die off fairly quickly

He is trying to be Roblox.

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Roblox is this: #### ## ######