Found an old official Shadow the Hedgehog flash file

I have no idea what any of this says, so if you can translate, please do.
I guess by the site still running, SEGA loves to keep the past with us. (Yes, even the sonic adventure 1/2 dreamcast/dreamkey sites are still 100% functional.)
As I came across a red box. I obviously got intruged, as this always means that there’s a depracated asset on the site. So i dug through the HTML, and found a direct link to the flash file and downloaded it.

Here it is. attempting the press “No. 1” and “No.2” bring up a warning saying that it wants to communicate with a site called c-player. so be careful!


(A little warning before you download. As flash is known for being an unsecure technology, and is depracated. Despite this being an official flash file, still be VERY careful using it. I’m not responsible if something goes horribly wrong.)

Here’s the flash file itself if you wanna archive it or look into it further (Hopefully even translate) I’d try to decompile it to see what goes on behind the scenes, but the process is VERY hard. I’ve never had a successful decompile. (zipped bc of MG’s file restrictions) (216.5 KB)

Here’s the STH website: SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG


I have Ruffle installed in Firefox and it works in there too. The animations are nicely done. I’m surprised there’s no sound, unless that’s just broken.

The C-Player parts are on

Seems to be a developer interview for Shadow. And this:
Cute sonic doodle

Which I appreciate very much :slight_smile:

you can literally hook a dreamcast up to the internet and still visit the old dreamcast-optimised sites. Still 100% functional.

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I appreciate that even more :slight_smile:

I didn’t even realize how much Flash was used on DC:

It’s quite a list.

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OMG!! The last time I’ve ever visited this site, was maybe 14 years ago, when playing the classical Flash game about Shadow The Hedgehog, there was this section, and I used to go to it (in 2009 the page was still up and running) and I definitely explored that, and other SEGA sites… How neat

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