For those people that still have a wii and mario kart wii!

hello! i would like to say for those ppl that still have the wii! (not wii mini sorry) do you remember the old wiiconnect24 services? like the news channel

or the forecast one

or those with wii friends the wii mail board

ok lets stop with the nostalgia!
here i make this topic to say the WIICONNECT24 service got a remplacement!
da services page

also i would like to suggest a new topic called Another software where you can found posts like this

and for those that still have Mario kart wii go to and learn how to play on WFC again

i have a dsi, and mario kart ds, rip

i already have sudomemo (flipnote), but im banned

dont worry wiimmfi support mario kart wii ds
@Megadeth58 it support DS/wii games

“mario kart wii ds” um the nintendo ds doesnt have a title named Mario Kart WII DS

omg i did a mistake xD i mean mario kart DS @Megadeth58

here see the 4 productive games on wiimmfi

if only i had a working DS

so, how do i connect it

@Megadeth58, for Online Play, it’s

click the info button to read how to patch

lol forget to say if you want to play mario kart wii for the first time on wiimmfi you need to wait 7 days

Even PES 2008 has support

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Body seems.

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still ok xD

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