For those of you that still use Windows XP, why?

I’m talking about those that use Windows XP as a main operating system. And I’m not trying to be offensive, just curious.

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  1. Windows XP is my favorite OS. 2. i can’t upgrade because i don’t have a product key.

i love this OS

I get that people like the OS, but they can make other OSs look like XP using Classic Shell or something.

Also re: no product key, you can either buy the OS or google product keys.

yeah but why would i upgrade when XP does all i need it to do and it runs old apps great

I get that it does what you need, but viruses easily break XP, and you can use Windows XP compatibility mode in newer OS’s for older app support.
For a barebones OS that is still useful, just get Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium.


even for xp i almost never get viruses. when it breaks i’ll upgrade

I understand that some people like to leave the older PC with Windows XP because of nostalgia, but the problem is to use it as the default system.

One of the main problems is security: Windows XP was discontinued on April 8, 2014 and has not received any more security updates since - its last “sigh” was with the fix for the EternalBlue exploit that resulted in the attacks of Wannacry ransomware in 2017.

In addition, few antivirus solutions still support Windows XP. Of the best, there are practically only Avast/AVG and Panda Dome, since Kaspersky 2019 no longer supports Windows XP when I tested it. There are still people who insist on using Chinese antivirus software like Baidu or Qihoo 360 that steals virus definitions from other solutions, cheat on independent tests and collect personal information such as name, address and phone number up to sexual orientation and bank details and passwords.

Another factor is also the compatibility with software: with each passing day more programs and drivers are ending support for Windows XP. Good options of browsers that are still supported to Windows XP are Opera and Mypal, although there are still people who insist on using Firefox ESR and Google Chrome that are no longer supported - including Chrome for Windows XP has been discontinued for 2 years and is subject to severe Specter vulnerability. With each passing day, more vulnerabilities are discovered and more vulnerable these browsers become.

A good option for those with an old computer would be to use lightweight Linux distributions such as Lubuntu and Xubuntu, which are fast, easy to use and free. If for some reason of software compatibility you can not use a Linux distribution, upgrading to some light edition of Windows 7 such as Starter or Home Basic is an alternative. In addition, in the October 2018 Update of Windows 10 will be released a version called Lean that is aimed at weak computers.


i tried ubuntu. i wanted to dual boot but it almost deleted my entire hard drive

and yes i clicked "install alongside Windows XP Pro

Try Linux Mint if you have a medium or powerful computer. If not, try Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

i don’t have any more hard drive space

To run Lubuntu you need at least 2GB of hard drive space.

Xubuntu is better for old hardware

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just pirate windows 7 lmao
it’s not hard

After reading this it feels like now i want to install XP on my main 7 PC :stuck_out_tongue:


a tutorial of how to make your pc useless , updated 2018


Yeah, I love WinXP too, it was the best OS of all time, but I depend on modern softwares, even for work, the last version of Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects etc… And GAMES, oooh I love games, and the latest games runs only in Win10. That’s why I don’t use WinXP anymore.

This question… Why do you not use Arch Linux?

Too hard to use