For everyone that keeps making duplicate threads, SOTP

Seriously, it’s really annoying.


no you

wow thats so edgy!!


i wasn’t trying to be edgy?

i put sotp i purpose dont change pls

bumping to say this.
this thread didnt work

I’m curious what your whole thinking process is where it would be effective.

I think it’s generally accepted that the prime reason for a “duplicate thread” is that the poster didn’t read any existing posts. Since they didn’t read anything, especially a previous post on a topic that they’re already interested in, and clearly interested enough to making a whole new post, why and how would they read your unrelated thread telling them not to do that?

And as for bumping it because it didn’t work before, ie. trying something over and over that didn’t work (especially one that doesn’t make logical sense), is generally considered a bad idea and in some views, the beginning of insanity :stuck_out_tongue:


my brain is an enigma

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I thought that only smart people were enigmatic