For all of you who are upset about Skype 7's demise

Why not have a go at Skype 5?
YW :stuck_out_tongue:
(note: for messaging to work, both users need to have skype 5 since it probably uses P2P :P)


What about the early, early versions of Skype?

Although they don’t work today since it pop ups a “Please upgrade skype message”.

Like 3 and 4?



Is currently and has been for a long time, dead.

That looks like a very early version of Skype that probably relied on the old server infrastructure that doesn’t exist anymore You’re most likely out of luck, then.

Yeah the guide was for 6.x.

But very early versions are long gone because nobody knows how the (now-dead) servers operated.

Skype 1.x is dead since the mid-or-late-2000s and old messenger revivals didn’t existed until WLM closed down due to, you’ve guessed it, Skype.

you can use skype 6 and message people using skype 6 and later

how do i use my account? microsoft account or what? cause registering does not work


Sep '18

i found a way to sign in to 6 and 7. but you can only do it if you can sign in to 5.5

step 1: install 6 or 7. i found a good place to find installers is

step 2: download 5.5 from the video linked in the post

step 3: sign in to 5.5

step 4: close 5.5 but don’t click the sign out button

step 5: open the version of skype you downloaded

thanks but i got around doing something

basically logging into 7.36, closing skype, removing 2 share files from roaming and then opening 5.5