Flash required in order to make Internet Features to work?

Description: To have any context from the title, after installing Flash Reviver 1.0.0, the Windows Live Messenger modules that required Internet Explorer just starts to work… Normally (Escargot Today has started to work and Games now appear). Which is odd to see it working, considering that Internet Explorer is not the same as Flash?
Also, installing Flash 32 from archive.org seems to get the same result

Are the software supposed to have Flash in order to make the Internet Explorer and some extra internet features to work?

for me no I had access to all of this without Flash the only thing that needed Flash for me was winks so flash is not needed for internet features for me the version I was using is 2009

Odd, because when I have tried to use without Flash, the Games option and Escargot Today wasn’t appearing before, until I have used the Flash Reviver thing

that is VERY wierd it might be bc of the wersion of windows

which version of Windows are you using rn

I’m running wlm 2009 on win11

Mine is Windows 11 too

windows 10