Flash-based features not working


-On WLM 8.1 with Win7, animated backgrounds don’t play, winks don’t display (but there’s sound)
-On MSN 7.5 with WinXP, MSN is completely not seeing there’s a Flash installed.

Any suggestions?


You need Flash Player 10 for MSN to recognize and play the Winks. Download here:


How can I install it then? Machine has higher version, or is there a way to use multiple versions?


Uninstall the version of Flash Player ActiveX that you have installed and install it. Other browsers like Firefox will remain as they are (since Flash is separated by ActiveX, PPAPI and NPAPI).


Will it affect day to day operations?


No, except you ONLY USE Internet Explorer.


Tried it on XP, YOU ARE THE MAN.




Worked like a charm. No problems. I’m taken away to 2006…