Flash 20 in 2021

So as you know, flash is dead, right?
Well yes but actually no.

Flash 20 (as of 27.9.2021) still works perfectly fine (if you use an older browser, like me).

Download link: http://xomi.xyz/ftp/zip/flash_20_package.zip

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Even on Internet Explorer works.

Adobe: wait… this is fucking illegal

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check this


i love how Adobe takes down this shit yet doesn’t even do anything with all of the photoshop cracks out there




because it kinda is lol

oh nice adobe will fuck us

Why isn’t Flash 32 working?

Flash 30+ have a time bomb on them, which was fired in 2021 and now they don’t work.

Proof of it? I thought that Wikipedia says that only the latest version of Flash Player has the timebomb.

Flash Player versions newer than refuse to play Flash content and instead display a static warning message.

Every version of 30 that I downloaded, didn’t work, all of them showed flash bomb message.

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hold on, why are you maining an old version of chrome?

Because I have toaster and if i try new version it gets on fire

Your Toaster has SSE3? New versions of Chrome needs at least SSE3.

And also,is it true it gets on fire?

I didn’t think computers catch fire when they use a new version of chrome.

It does have

It was a joke lmao
but it does run like shit