Fireseed Forums Updates

Happy New Year all!
I haven’t been on here in a while, but thought I’d post here to alert you to some changes to my forum site that were made before Christmas. These changes are small, but they should improve the user experience none the less.

  • Finally, after 2 years (2 years too many, I know), Fireseed Forums has working email features! This means that you'll be able to reset your account password, send emails to users on the site via their profile page, receive notifications of new replies to posts and more besides!
  • The category of the StopBots questions that users are required to answer when registering on the site has been changed from general knowledge to mathematics. This means that Google is no longer required, just a calculator. Or you could use Google's calculator :). Using your brain as a calculator works too, I guess.

To check out the site and sign up, click this hyperlink.
See you online! :slight_smile:

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