Firefox has struggles with websites

What can I do to fix this?


Firefox does not want to do an connection WHILE connecting.

It’s like when someone doesn’t want to flirt while flirting… that’s insane :joy:

How does that fix the problem?

Make your damn CSS rules comply with the Mozilla standart.


Firefox has a lower HTML5 score than Chrome. It explains the screenshot.

And you know why Chrome has higher score then FF? Many of the points awarded by that site are for features that have privacy and/or security concerns: e.g., 15 points if your browser supports geolocation; 10 points for “service workers,” a point for the “ping” attribute, etc. A very high score may not be the best news about your browser.

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Right. Having a higher score doesn’t necessarily mean the engine handles everything better, it just means it supports more features.


because designer is a bellend