Facebook connection


Earlier I have disconnect my Facebook account. (It seems it was a mistake.)
Can I somehow link it together with my Microsoft account again?
If I try to do it inside the Windows Live Messenger 2012 client I get an error message. I tried to do it manually, but the process always drops me back to the https://profile.live.com/home/Services/Add.aspx?appid=1140906031&productid=iwlannounce webpage.
Is there any solution? I really want to chat with my Facebook friend from WLM, just like the good old days.



for now it is unfortunately impossible (I have not found way to synchronize msn with fb , currently) if you synced your msn with fb before 2013 you can chat with your friends of fb through MSN 2012


I see. Thank you!


at least,its still working.


Yes, that is the reason why I thought that some “magical” way exists. Because of the service is still working behind the curtains, I thought maybe there’s a way to trick the servers (both Microsoft and Facebook) and somehow the profiles can be linked together.

Thank you for your answers, now I understood, that’s impossible.


it has nothing to do with windows live messenger.
microsoft removed the ability to intergrate with facebook on outlook.com and therefore with messenger.

obviously they terminate their partnership.


This might be time for any of us to create a Facebook notifier.