Escargot's down

read the title please

yea, its down…

Its working now.

It’s down here, got two errors

error 1 web: 502 Bad Gateway
error 2 msn: 800701f6

EDIT: Now it’s back up.

I can´t connect in Msn 8.5 error 81000306

This has been happening since yesterday, with outages being sporadic and occurring a few seconds after the service would operate normally. Some people think it might be because server upgrades for WLM 2009 support and the like are being deployed, but I think the server wouldn’t be flickering on and off if that were case. It might just be an extreme case of the server acting up. If it goes on for much longer, I’ll talk to valtron about it.


Simillar stuff did happend months ago and it somehow made the WLM 09 hype larger.

If the servers were down because the updates were added, It would have been announced and not upgraded silently.

That’s not exactly how it works. There can be preliminary stuff going on like patches for clients or other additions before the upgrade is “official”. We don’t announce every single thing going on behind the scenes (WLM 2009 was kind of an exception since I wanted everyone to know exactly what was going on with that as to not make people think it was a hoax or something).

I meant that when the last stages on deploying the new changes of the server are in progress, A announcement would have been made.

That isn’t really a quick process, if you put it that way. My guess is upgrades as big as what we have in store would take a few days at least.

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It is down again :frowning:

It’s working for me.

welp, it’s down again

Maybe the website sometimes overloaded, that’s why.

The website and the server use different URLS. If you are talking about, then that isn’t the reason downtimes have been sporadic.

So escargot now owns a down. Kool

ok this is getting annoyingitgoofed