A based of Windows Live :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a logo:


Escargot Live Search:

domain and logo:


oh god here we go again

@TReKiE where are you :confused:

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Not Escargot™ approved.

-An Escargot developer

(Really though this is unnecessary as Escargot is becoming more of a chat framework rather than serving dedicated IM services with their own systems and such, and even so, we wouldn’t go overkill with that and remake Windows Live verbatim lol)


Also what’s with the URLs? You expecting us to make this a reality even though this is pointless for our purposes? Yeah try again.


Windows Live of Wonder

EscargotLive Messenger on board

As i’m waiting for my dinner (by the time of writing this), I can tell that this won’t go anywhere other than logos and some concept arts. But fake hoaxes like this have always happened in the past, It’s been like 6-7 months ago since that big fake hoax (that was more of a drama, to be honest) happened and ruined my reputation.

Please, Azeem, please don’t make mistakes that i made months before you joined the platform.

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So what?
Messenger is revived halfly,
Spaces revived nobody used that
Writer patch -> use openwriter or what It’s name
Movie maker still works
Skydrive - use onedrive just rename onedrive folder to skydrive
Search - use Bing

Open Live Writer*

It’s available here. and seems to be the only open source Windows Live project at the moment.

Or just use any other search engine :wink: