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So Who Is This Person?

another official channel?

Oh definitely not. Thanks for letting me know, dealing with it.

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the hell he is doing with microphone, i can’t even hear the words he’s sayn

no problem!

uuuuh… Corporate chat - choice of free serverless messenger for local network

it’s down

All I remember from the post is that one of the links linked to BeeBEEP, some open-source messenger that strangely still supports, get ready…

Windows XP and IBM OS/2*

*just without the advantage of voice messaging

Yeah that’s cool I guess…

Windows Live Messenger(VM) on Yahho(VM) and WLM(PC)


back to 2008

слабка отримати другий комп’ютер й встановити на нього wlm? :DDD

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Я понял что он сказал но микрофон это просто что-то нечто . Вот что мне удалось разобрать: Нажимаем Downloads, Выбираем любой язык, И скачать патченую версию

I understood what he said but the microphone is very hissing. Here’s what I managed to make out: Click Downloads, Choose any language, And download the patched version


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